Robyn Smith

Robyn Profile 3 png finalBorn and raised in Kentucky, I am a litigator who represents workers against unfair employment practices.  I come from a large Kentucky family, so I have spent my entire life listening, advocating, mediating, arguing, and fighting to make even the smallest voices heard.  My father was a firefighter and a full-time member of the Kentucky Air National Guard.  My mother was a dedicated nurse and teacher.  I grew up assuming that everybody’s parents put on uniforms, went to work, and saved other people’s lives all day.  From my parents, I learned about the influence a person’s work has on that person’s identity, relationships, and well-being.

Now, as the first attorney in my family, I practice employment law to protect these workers. I represent other people’s parents, children, spouses, brothers, and sisters.  Kentucky’s workers are her greatest resource, and I fight to ensure that they work in safe places and enjoy dignity, respect, and fair compensation for their efforts.  Often this can be accomplished through focused discussions, negotiations, and compromise, but sometimes it requires resort to Kentucky’s courts.  I take cases to trial when settlement is not possible.

I have represented workers in litigation against massive institutions, both public and private.  All of those employers can follow the law and do the right things for their workers — and the civil justice system sometimes proves to be the only means to that end.  From the whistleblower raising serious patient safety concerns at a local hospital to the secretary struggling every day to endure unspeakable indignities at the hands of a supervisor, workers deserve the full protection of federal and state laws.  Those laws do not enforce themselves, so those workers deserve hard-working advocates to protect their rights and livelihoods.

When I leave the office and the courtroom for the day, I teach as an adjunct professor for Indiana University Southeast’s School of Business, where my courses have included fundamental economics, microeconomics, business law, and commercial law for accountants.  Teaching is a process of exploration through a dynamic exchange of ideas, and it is something I hope to continue for the rest of my life.

I live in this community with my daughter, our spoiled pets, our amazing friends, and our boisterous extended family.  My daughter and I make regular pilgrimages to Fenway Park, the New River Gorge, and the oceans of the world.  We like to participate in activities that benefit children, veterans in crisis, and animals (Special Olympics, Active Heroes, Legal Aid, Home of the Innocents, and the Kentucky Humane Society are among our favorites).  We are currently obsessed with our Fitbits, homemade candles, and perfecting our cookie recipes.


Kentucky Supreme Court

Virginia Supreme Court

Eastern District of Kentucky

Western District of Kentucky

Southern District of Indiana

Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals

Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals



Brandeis School of Law, University of Louisville: Juris Doctor, cum laude

Indiana University: Bachelor of Science in Business, Economics, and Public Policy, with highest distinction

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