Wrongful Termination

The Kentucky wrongful termination attorneys of Abney & McCarty have extensive experience assisting victims of wrongful termination.

When you are fired, it never feels right. But the termination is only wrongful under certain conditions. Most employment relationships in Kentucky are “at will,” which means that either party can decide to end the relationship. Even if the reason for firing the employee seems completely unfair or unreasonable, it may still not be a basis for filing suit. But “at will” employment does not give employers a blank check to fire qualified employees.

In fact, terminated employees have a cause for action where an employment contract prohibits the employer from discharging the employee without cause. They may also file suit if the firing was motivated by discrimination or for a reason that violates public policy. It is unlawful to terminate someone based on a legally protected ground, such as race, age, gender, disability, and religion. A wrongful termination claim may be based on any of the following actions:

  • Discrimination against a protected class
  • Retaliation for reporting a civil rights violation
  • Termination to deprive employee of earned benefits
  • Breach of express or implied contract requiring “good cause”
  • Constructive discharge or creating a hostile work environment
  • Violation of public policy expressed in the Kentucky Revised Statutes or the Kentucky Constitution

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