Wrongful Termination

Being terminated from a job is a terrible experience to endure. It’s even worse when it happens to be a wrongful termination in an “at-will” state like Kentucky. Fortunately, McCarty Legal may be able to help.

Just because you work in an “at-will” state doesn’t mean that employers can fire you for no reason. In fact, there are several circumstances in which a case can be made for wrongful termination like:

Discrimination against a protected class

Retaliation for reporting a civil rights violation

Termination to deprive employee of earned benefits

Breach of express or implied contract requiring “good cause”

Constructive discharge or creating a hostile work environment

Violation of public policy expressed in the Kentucky Revised Statutes or the Kentucky Constitution

Wrongful termination is a terrifying situation to go through, but McCarty Legal is here to help.

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