Race Discrimination

Racial discrimination in the workplace is illegal. This includes discrimination against people of mixed heritage, discrimination because someone is married to a person of a particular ethnic or racial background, and discrimination that may involve issues of gender or religious freedom as well as race.

This discrimination can take many forms. Jokes based on racial groups, stereotyping of individuals based on their ethnic backgrounds, derogatory names, as well as racial epithets can all be evidence of discrimination. Sometimes the conduct is blatant, and sometimes it is more subtle, but whenever racial discrimination occurs in the workplace, you should contact the discrimination attorneys at Abney & McCarty, PLLC.

You should not have to tolerate racial discrimination in any form, and certainly not at your place of work. Strong laws are in place that prohibit this type of conduct. Using these laws to protect your rights often requires an experienced Kentucky racial discrimination attorney. At Abney & McCarty, we understand how difficult it is to bring a claim against your employer, and we will thoroughly research your potential claims, advise you of your options and the likely consequences, and provide aggressive representation of your interests during pre-trial litigation and at trial.

Employees who believe that they are being discriminated against should report the discrimination, in writing, to their superiors and to human resources. If your employer has an employee handbook, look for its reporting mechanism and follow it. You should document all complaints and any retaliation that follows any such complaints.

If you have experienced racial discrimination in the workplace, contact the attorneys at Abney & McCarty, PLLC online or call (502) 459-4108 to schedule a free consultation.